Management Team

A small team of experienced managers

Stefano Donadio, Chief Executive Officer

Sonia I. Maffioli, Director, Chemistry

Margherita Sosio, Director, Microbiology

Ermenegildo Beghé, Director, Financial and legal affairs

Stefano Donadio, PhD:

Over 25 years of industrial experience with antibiotics and natural products. Before founding Naicons, Stefano was among the founders of Biosearch Italia, the company that discovered dalbavancin, where he was VP of Microbial Technologies and part of the Board of Directors. Previously, he was a scientist at Lepetit and Abbott Labs. He has made important contributions to the discovery of novel antibiotics, to the development of production processes and to devising technologies for natural products, as documented by over 120 publications and patent applications. After a degree in biochemistry from the University of Naples, Italy, he did postdoctoral work at John Hopkins University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sonia Ilaria Maffioli, PhD:

Sonia graduated in chemistry followed by a post-graduate degree in Synthetic Chemistry at the University of Milan. She joined Biosearch Italia in 1997 where she became medicinal chemistry group leader. She has >15-year experience in microbial products, contributing to the isolation, structural elucidation and chemical optimization of new natural products for the development of drug candidates, as well as to total synthesis, chemical scale-up and process optimization of new pharmaceutical leads. She is the author of over 30 publications and patent applications in the fields.

Margherita Sosio, PhD:

Margherita received her doctoral degree in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Milan and did postdoctoral work at  ETH in Zuerich. Margherita held positions as research scientist in Farmitalia Carlo Erba, Lepetit Research Center and Biosearch Italia/Vicuron, where she became Group Leader in Microbial Genetics. For over 20 years her research interests have focussed on antibiotics and antibiotic producing strains, contributing to novel antibiotic production processes, assay development for antibiotic discovery, isolation of novel taxa of antibiotic producers and actinomycete genomics. Margherita is the author of over 60 publications and patent applications in the field of antibiotics.